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Light Duty Bedliners

For The Weekend Warrior

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Heavy Duty Bedliners

When You Use Your Truck Like A Truck

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Us vs. Them

Not All Liners Are Created Equal

Why Choose Us?

When you come to Bedliners of Treasure Valley you get what you pay for. A standard bed liner runs 1/16 of an inch thick. All chemicals have a ratio of gallons/square footage it can cover. One gallon of any bed liner chemical covers 24 sqft at 1/16th of an inch. We do the math for you following a specific algorithm to ensure you get the exact level of protection you want. Truck beds come in different sizes so it’s important to know you’re using enough chemicals to protect your bed!

Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty is more comprehensive and not limited to personal use like the other “national” brands. Not only do we have a better warranty, but a better product.

Same Formulation As OEM Car Manufacturers

Ford, Dodge, GMC, Chevy, & Toyota use the same formulation we do! They did their homework for you!

High Pressure

High-pressure bedliners are just an overall better performing product than other bedliner technologies. A cheaper bedliner usually means an inferior bedliner. Demand the best!

Even Texture

Ever seen a bedliner with an uneven texture. This is usually because of an inexperienced applicator or an inferior technology. Our bedliners look exactly like the ones that the car manufacturers use!

Dries In Seconds

Our liners dry to the touch in seconds. This means your liners are ready for use. If you can’t use it right away, then you have an inferior technology.

Trusted Since 2002

We have been family owned since 2002. We are proud to serve the Treasure Valley!

Over 20,000 Trucks Sprayed

20,000+ trucks can’t be wrong. We are one of the highest volume of bedliner applicators in the country!

Outperforms Competitors

Our formulation outperforms the “national” brands in lab testing. Feel free to bring in any competitor’s bedliner to compare to ours. When you rub our liner against theirs, you will be surprised to see which one wears away the other!

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Standard Bedliner

Great For Weekend Warriors & Personal Use

This is our standard bedliner. It is backed by our nationwide lifetime warranty for personal use. Since our product is tougher, it still provides better protection than many “thicker” bedliners! This liner is 1/16th of an inch thick (same as appx 60 mils) with a total of 3 gallons sprayed.

Heavy Duty Bedliner

Great For Serious Truck Owners & Personal or Commercial Use

This is our toughest bedliner. It is backed by our nationwide lifetime warranty for personal & commercial use! Since our product is tougher, it still provides better protection than many “thicker” bedliners! This liner is 1/8th of an inch thick (same as appx 125 mils) with a total of 6 gallons sprayed. Want it even thicker? Ask about our “Commercial” liner which used 12 gallons!

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Truck Accessory Coatings

We Can Protect All Your Truck Accessories From Corrosion & Give It That One Of A Kind Look!

Looking for that one of a kind look while providing the best durability? Then look no further! We can protect both factory and aftermarket bumpers, steps, & any paintable surface! Ask about spraying your rocker panels to protect from rock-chips!

Not Just Bedliners

From Boats, ATVs, & Your Garage, We Have You Covered!

Our coatings can be applied to any paintable surface! We often coat metal, plastics, wood, fiberglass, & even concrete! Contact us today to see how we can protect your project!

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Truck Bed Covers

We install a full line of Tonneau covers!

If you want to secure the contents of your truck bed, then you should consider a truck bed cover. We carry a full line of soft, hard, and folding truck bed covers. Some bed covers are available to match your paint! Just shoot us a message to get a quote on your next truck bed cover!

Our Process

Step1: Remove Factory Hardware

We have experienced technicians that remove all factory hardware from the bed of your truck for you and ensure it is properly reinstalled after.

Step 2: Trim Line

We hand-design the layout of your bed liner to custom mold to your vehicle. The trim line ensures your vehicle will not get damaged while giving you clean and precise lines.

Step 3: Air Tight Seal

Using extra materials, we cover the rest of your truck and seal off the lines where the chemical will be applied. This prevents any chemical from reaching unwanted surfaces. We NEVER recycle material. Your vehicles will always get clean sheeting to create the perfect airtight seal.

Step 4: Prepare the Surface

We create a porous surface for the chemical to bond to using an 80 grit nylon cut brush. This is a critical step in bed liner applications because without a porous surface, the chemical will not permanently stay.

Step 5: Clean the Surface

We use an air compressor to blow out the dust and debris from your truck. Then we use a safe-on-paint solvent to remove any remaining oils, dirt or grease from the surface of your truck.

Step 6: Pre-Inspection

Before spraying your vehicle, we do another pass to confirm all edges are precise, and masking preparation is to spec.

Step 7: Spray!

Our chemical formulation is sprayed under high pressure at 2500 psi and high heat at a minimum of 175 degrees. Ameraguard is the premium bed liner chemical on the market. Just check the federal material safety data sheets!

Step 8: Put it Back Together and Inspect

The chemical cures almost instantly which means we can get your truck cleaned up and back together for you to use the same day. We remove all of the maskings, put your hardware back, and do a final inspection confirming your vehicle is perfect and ready to go!

Differences Between Other Technologies

Our Bedliner Is A High Pressure Technology

Hopper Gun Or Roll On LinersLow Pressure LinersHigh Pressure Used By Us
WarrantyVariesVariesNationwide Lifetime
Applicated By (Important for Texture)Paint Gun Or RollerLow Pressure Machine (90PSI)High Pressure Machine (2500PSI)
Even Texture
Anti Skid✔ - But Loses Hardness At High Temperatures And Is Rubbery
Great For Impact Resistance
Ready For Use
Used By Car Manufacturers
These liners are generally very thin. Usually at about 1-2 gallons total use. They also evaporate and lose half of the sprayed thickness when they dry!These liners are known for being very rubbery. The impact resistance is very low. This makes them easy to gouge and damage.Our liner provides excellent impact resistance and look great. It is why the car manufacturers use the same technology we do. We spray anywhere from 3-12 gallons based on what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look through the answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request and we will get in touch with you shortly.

What is the warranty?

All of our liners come with a nationwide lifetime warranty from peeling, gouging, and cracking. Our liners are just tougher and can handle more, so we back it up with a great warranty!

How thick is the liner?

We offer custom thicknesses. Most of our customers go with either 1/16″ (65 Mils) or 1/8″ (125 Mils). Our most demanding customers ask for 1/4″ (250 Mils)!

Is thicker better?

Thicker is only when it is a better product. What is better? 1/8″ steel or 1/4″ wood? The steel of course! Our bedliner has a hardness rating of “55D”! Which is harder than “other” national brands!

Why choose Bedliners of Treasure Valley?

We offer the best performing liner (look it up), best warranty, and have been in business since 2002!

What brand liner do we spray?

We spray Ameraguard Bedliners. We are one of their oldest and highest volume dealers in North America!

Is there a difference in bedliners?

Absolutely! Not only is there a difference in the technology, but in the formulation. We spray high-pressure liner with a 55D hardness, 200% elongation, 2700 PSI of tensile hardness, and 400PLI of tear strength. When you compare our numbers to our competitors, you will see not only is our liner harder to damage, but it is still more flexible, harder to stretch, and more difficult to tear! Ask for their tech data sheet to compare!

Nationwide Warranty

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